Pimk Trailer

Country : Bulgaria

Tested on : 1.28 (beta)

Do not re-upload on other sites!!!



6 thoughts on “Pimk Trailer

  1. Why you do not make a Pack ?
    Otherwise, where are Manifest and Image? It´s normally Standard since a long Time.

  2. PIMK do not have such trailers. They are gray too, but have BLUE inscriptions! Regards from BULGARIA! ;))

    1. RudeTrucker

      So what?!

      1. So, this must be properly written!

    2. Mateoilic53

      Благодаря за коментара, поздрави от сърбия!

  3. Bilakos Xatzis

    Mateoilic53 you can’t make a frigo trailer low deck moran hahahaha
    [your trailers mod is for the hell]

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