Pirelli Tires


Tires mod (PIRELLI) tested version 1.9.22



6 thoughts on “Pirelli Tires

  1. Hy Ghass72
    Big Thanks

  2. U welcome body

  3. Thanks, man.

  4. TruckerGirl

    The Pirelli on the wheel does not have a curve as it would.. So you have a wheel turning with Pirelli as a straight line…. 😛

  5. Lady these tires have the logo of F1 the same & the curve ones comes black not colored & pirelli released tires for trucks as a 1st lunch in the new past time under the name of (forumla drive) thanx 4 all comments

    1. However the markings are still wrong, there are 2 kinds of formula truck tires. Formula drive is for the actual drive axle and Formula steer for for the turning one 😛

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