Piva Weather Mod v 2.2


Fixed problem with ProMods 2.01 map.
Any other parameters not changed.
I work on new version with more realistic colors.

Author: Piva

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8 thoughts on “Piva Weather Mod v 2.2

  1. RoAdRuNnEr

    Thx for Update, Piva 😉
    A little wish for the nxt updates…
    Can you realize, that the Ai Traffic Lights mod runs too with your Mod ?

    What was the Problem with Promods 2.01 ?

    1. My traffic flare include in mod.

      1. kevin60927

        Piva weather v2.1 works perfect on Promods 2.01, RusMap 1.61,and db creation 5.1,but Piva weather v2.2 got error.

  2. Starforce

    When i load the Mod my Truck change the Interior blue,purple.
    How can i fix this?

  3. kevin60927

    When I use Piva Weather Mod v 2.2 with ProMods v2.01+Rusmapv1.61,and I used traffic mod called db creation v5.1,but db creation use ProMods v2.0,I used all this mods,My PC crashed,and game can’t load my Profile.After Remove your weather mods,My ETS2works.Why will it ?

  4. The update fixed the crash with the dirt/snow road in the middle of Iceland and also near Jyväskylä. Thanks for the update!

  5. TEDDY Bär 1-4

    Hello Piva

    Your Weather Mod is you really very well done, but I miss 3 weather types. I guess that will be difficult for you, because it partly comes to animation.

    The first would thunderstorms. The flash in ETS 2 is always white and almost always occurs only
    isolated on. Therefore, I would suggest two types of thunderstorms: light thunderstorm and heavy thunderstorm. The structures of the flash should be seen more frequently. the color should be kept in white / pink / purple because it is the nature closest. Just as on the day in white to dark gray clouds, and at night the lightning should be visible.

    The second is Stormy Weather: Stormy weather there in several stages. Where it can be sometimes so windy that you can hardly get a truck and then must stand on beleiben because verges. even slight crosswinds were times not so bad, you can see that just in the exterior mirror the ausschweift the trailer, so that one has to counter-steer (just as do not overdo it). In addition, an expandable warning with the Note in the center of the screen would not be bad.

    Third and last is a Twister / storm / hurricane when huge storms. That will be difficult, since the one missing the funnel shape and secondly the rotation and displacement move has to be animated. Aussderm he should be felt in the vehicles (not so noticeable, they stand out like an airplane).

    I hope you can build in version 2.3 with a.

  6. Hey Piva
    Love your mods, I use several of them. But I have 1 request. Could you make the night time much darker please?

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