Piva Weather mod v 3.0 (for funs)

Weather-mod-2 Weather-mod-1

Piva Weather Mod 3 (4FUN)

This mod for fun, who don’t like “cartoonish” and “reddish” weather colors.
Try to set not too fast transition between day and night.
Reduced white color overbright.

Compatible with ProMods 2.01, EAA 3.1 and ATS

Author: Piva

DOWNLOAD 155 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 155 MB [Uploadfiles]

16 thoughts on “Piva Weather mod v 3.0 (for funs)

  1. RoAdRuNnEr

    THX allot for this new Update my HERO 😛

    What about with Camera Mod around the Truck / Trailer ?
    Still waiting of this…….:)

    1. About camera. I thinks now to do this one.
      By SCS you must spin around in one direction for you way.
      It’s not easy decide how to do.

  2. thanks ! please tsm map update ?

    1. TSM 6.2 don’t use climates, so my mod works with TSM

  3. Very Nice! Thank you Piva!!

  4. Eran Corrado

    Bad. Not realist 🙁

  5. GamerLionfish

    What map mod & where does the top picture take place?

    1. EAA 3.1

  6. kevin60927

    Hi Piva,I found the issues,It’s called climates,because Promods V2.01 also have skybox in climates,so it can’t work with all Piva Weather mods.I tried to opend Promods V2.01 model1.scs,but I can’t edit it,that’s so bad.

    1. Promods do not have own skybox textures, it uses default game textures. You can find in in base.scs by /model/skybox/

      1. kevin60927

        thanks Piva,I will edit base.scs

  7. kevin60927

    Piva weather v3.0 conflict with Promods v2.01,Will it fix in the next version,because some people on promods facebook also write down this problem.It works without Piva weather.

    1. Where and when on ProMods map?
      I can’t find place where game crash without place and time.
      I tested all climates – all work fine.

      1. kevin60927

        Now Piva weather 3.0 works perfect on my pc,It will error because of Piriority high to low,Maybe you can write down how to use priority,I put it before map def,then it works,Really Beautiful,Thanks for this awesome works

        1. My mod must have more priority that ProMods 2.01 def file.

  8. kevin60927

    1.21.4 weather mod by Piva works fine on ets2,I also used RusMap v1.61 wuth Promods v2.01,Traffic mod Db creation traffic v5.2.

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