Piva Weather Mod v 5.2 NO HDR

Fixed NO HDR mod version.
Changed colors and fogs at sunrise/sunset, changed fog behavior, changed mat files of skybox model.
Lost textures fixed.

SCS, Piva

DOWNLOAD 185 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 185 MB [Modsbase]

9 thoughts on “Piva Weather Mod v 5.2 NO HDR

  1. What could be the problem if, with this version, I keep HDR activated in ETS 2 ?

    1. You can use it with HDR on, but it be very bright.
      About ROS, I dont’ know.

      1. Thanks Piva.

  2. It works in R.O.S. ?

  3. Thanks Piva

  4. It’s beautiful, your Mod
    Thanks for the compatibility with EAA Map.

  5. SrPatrick

    error on extract

  6. Hollandstyle will never die

    Its not work for me the Sky is to heavy pixel or has activate HDR

  7. jeffrey chik


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