PJ Indo Map v 2.3

– Compatible for ETS2 patch 1.30.
– Added more new Indonesia signs and navigations.
– Improved some areas from Teluk Muara, Kp.Cadar, and Miliharjo (northern part).
– Added more enchanted vegetations and fields.
– Few Bugs fixed.

– Not require all maps DLC.
– This mod can be complement/combined by other add-on maps (ProMods, RusMap, Project Balkans, TSM, EAA, etc.)
– More information look at the readme and my blogsite.

Hope you like and enjoying this mod without any problems. Thank you!

Special thanks to:
Euro Truck Simulator 2, all mods inspiring me, all of comments & suggestions, and more.



16 Responses to PJ Indo Map v 2.3

  1. asr-2565 says:

    Дайте другую ссылку.

  2. Bintang Aditya says:

    include daerah indonesia sebelah mana saja pak

    • SeptianMR says:

      Baca disini.

  3. Kirtok says:

    Кто залил на петушиный файлообменник?

  4. ajie300 says:


  5. ajie300 says:

    bro this map can combined with map jateng v2?

  6. Dhruba Das says:

    V1.30.2 does not recognise the mod. The mod is ticked, but does not show up, in map

  7. Kacang51 says:

    Bro I dont know why my lane is on the right, I thought it should be on left as it is indenesia

  8. Mamang says:

    Ini emang peruntukan setir kiri ya? Bukan setir kanan?

  9. Leon Unger says:

    very good map. Nowadays i finished add maps to ETS, because of crashes . After many experiences, i stopped add maps. So only Pj Indo, Southern Express and YKS Turkey, and no more headaches. this tree maps works great with original maps. Congtatulations for PJ Indo , is a great and stablr map. I will try to load with 1.31 in order to see if works well. PJ INdo 2.2 works great in 1.28 until i´ve been using today . Best regards, Leon Unger.

  10. Titto says:

    Nee enna here download ek ok

  11. Titto says:

    Her you’re

  12. Sai Datta3 says:


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