PJ Indo Map v1.6


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Indonesia addon map with beautiful nature of Europe. Tested on ETS2 version 1.22.x

Changelogs for this version:
– Panplus.scs removed. Use only panbase.scs.
– Reworked all map in southern part.
– Added new models from some mods.
– Moved and replaced Madang, Airawa and Demangu.
– Reworking and made all new editable signs in this mod.
– Fixed definition of camera limits and ui camera map in game_data.sii, IDR currency in economy_data.sii, and change country definition and gas price.
– Bugs fixed and made improvements.

– Not require all DLC’s.
– This mod can be complement by other mods (Promods, TSM Map, ROS, EAA, RusMap, etc.)
– More information look the readme.

Hope you like and enjoying this mod.

Special thanks to:
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Base Game, some mods that inspire me, all of comments & suggestion, and much more.

Septian MR

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14 thoughts on “PJ Indo Map v1.6

  1. What happen? There is no any respon here.

  2. Rohan Ail

    one of the excellent mods i have come across.. keep up the good work and keep up the work going.. I wish to drive in more countries.. Will be looking for your work.
    Kindly expand it to India as well with crazy traffic and accidents.. 😀 hahaha
    anyways thank you for the Indonesia map..
    Anyone looking to download this please go for it. Work like a charm!!

    1. Thank you very much

      1. Rohan Ail

        @Smori: You are welcome. 🙂

        I have been trying to download Rusmap (russia) and finland map..
        The mods I have come across #### to the core.
        Do you have the mods for russia and finland?
        If yes kindly upload it or if u have already uploaded kindly send me the link so that I can download.
        Looking for an add-on mod as I dont want to deactive this Indo map for russia or finland. 😀

  3. niknor2017

    Мне Очень Понравился Данный мод! Спасибо Вам! Также мне Очень Понравилось то, что в Данном моде всего лишь Один файл СКС, что Очень стало Комфортно и ЕЩЁ что Данная Карта Совместима СО МНОГИМИ КАРТАМИ! ЭТО ОЧЕНЬ SUPER! УДАЧИ ВАМ!

  4. Vj Lehans

    Mantap Map nya

  5. There are a lot of addon maps and you can find them in ets2 mod sites or some forums, this mod also compatible with other addon maps. I have tried Promods 2.0 and it works perfectly, and Rusmap, EAA, TSM, and maybe others are compatible too. You can test some addon mods in one profile by yourself. So you will know which mods can compatible with this map.
    (sorry for my bad English :))

    1. It is also the answer for Rohan Ail 🙂

      1. Rohan Ail

        I will test it , Thanks for the feed back Smori 🙂

  6. The card is good, but everywhere 70 km h? If the map so or is there more?

  7. a ship connection of Indo according EEA would be good

  8. or connect portugal, spain. If every time a world tour through Holland, Belgium to Spain?

  9. or put another way, why do I have to take ship to Calais France if I want to greeks? Spain has no port or Italy or Greece?

    well no matter…

  10. HappyIguana

    why right driving road ? indo has left driving road like in uk,

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