Platinium Interior for Scania Next Generation (high quality)

This mod works on a truck Scania Next Generation
Replaces Unique interior.
This interior is a pleasant combination of Red-Black color with elements of carbon inserts.
Namely, the finish on the doors and the dashboard, as well as the Unique steering wheel, New lighting dashboard.
Changed and other little things.



7 thoughts on “Platinium Interior for Scania Next Generation (high quality)

  1. Thief!!

    1. Yes, old Thief with new Name and Account !!!

      1. Deputydawg

        When losers like this steal someone else’s mod, why not add the real creator’s link so that we can download from them?

  2. Rosgillies

    My go to interior for my Scania now. Lovely mod. Many thanks.

  3. Michael T

    I made this mode, you could put my download link there at least.

  4. zeeuwse_trucker

    This is wy i stopped sharing.

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