Poland Detail Adding Mod v2.0

Addon to the standard map: expands and rebuilds Poland.

More than 40 cities
New roads
New interchanges
New companies
New objects

All DLC maps are required to work.
For version 1.44.x
Fixed bugs

Poland-Detail-Adding Team


4 thoughts on “Poland Detail Adding Mod v2.0

  1. is this working with Promods when its coming out for 1.44

    1. richyrich

      I would imagine thats highly unlikely mate.

    2. “Addon to the standard map: expands and rebuilds Poland.”

      This mod replace all sectors map, badly and beginner mapping.

      With ProMods, use Poland Rebuilding; is best. 🙂

  2. Szymon Ł

    Zajebisty mod

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