Poland Map


Version 1.3.1

Author: unknown


19 thoughts on “Poland Map

  1. Hi 😉

    1. ######?? read description!

  2. does this work with tsm map v2.0

  3. Sarkissian

    I also wanna know! Does it work together with TSM 2.0 map???

    My best regards.

  4. how u get 2 map mod work together????

    answer is no it dont work..

  5. worksz only with base map

    copy map.scs and defprobny.scs in Mod Folder and drive Poland –

    works perfect for me

  6. Version 1.3.1

  7. gol d. roger

    thanks for you effort to create one.
    i played on your map.
    game works.

    BUT SUCKS LOT OF FLAWS ON THE SURFACES and GROUND. i even fell into space. put some road blocks on unfinish roads.

  8. Sarkissian

    Why is it so hard to put a good README.TXT with mods like this???

    1. I agree. while I’m grateful for people going out of their way to make mods for the ETS community, It really bugs me a read me cant be added, with a description of what the mod actually does, and how to install the mod for beginners.

      Also if its a sound mod ad a demo file of the sound so people can see if its what they want before installing it. or a map addon like this a preview vid.

  9. will there a goods in these cities? or is it just for fun?

    1. Just start the new profile in poland and yes you will have loads of funnnnnnn

  10. very good map little bit short but for now its enough for me 😀
    works perfect with 1.3.1

  11. I like the leaning poles. There is more realism 🙂 Thanks. but that isn’t compatible with TSM 2.0 map.

  12. map itself works on 1.2.5 but you can’t take cargo to or out of these cities

  13. Do you want Multiplayer for ETS2?
    If we colect more then 1000 likes SCS will program it.
    Like this page:

  14. Yeah cool, you have the MAP of it BUT why cant you have missions on it? That doesn’t make sense. 😐

    1. i have same problem. exist a new map with new missions in it? is very hard to do? please reply!!! thanks!

  15. loooooooooooolz

    1.4.8 plz …

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