Poland Rebuilding 2.3.1 (for PM 2.32 and ETS2 1.33)

Poland Rebuilding is a map mod, that is an overlay, that turns boring Polish territories making them more interesting, real and demanding. Besides expanding the road network, it offers many new interesting cities, towns and villages to and from which you can easily take orders.

This modification REQUIRE:
* Promods 2.32
* DLC Going East, Scandinavia, Vive la France, Italia.

In this version DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea IS NOT REQUIRED

* (2.3.1) Adapted map for ETS2 1.33 patch and ProMods 2.32
* (2.3.1) Support for translations
* (2.3.1) Bug fixes
* (2.3) Adapted map for ETS2 1.32 patch and ProMods 2.31
* (2.3) Added Ełk, Augustów and Suwałki by ProMods
* (2.3) Reconstructed special transport route (caused by cities added from ProMods map)
* (2.3) Added warning messages about demanding special transports for the heaviest loads. (Only for routes in PL)
* (2.3) New city: Przasnysz (hidden)
* (2.3) New road: DW544
* (2.3) Rebuilded city: Ostrołęka
* (2.3) Refreshed signs from Świnoujście to Gdynia (DW102, DW214, DK3, DK6/S6)
* (2.3) Part of the distance signs has been improved. From now, they show virtual distance to in-game city. (+/- few KM)
* (2.3) Changed road icons to be more realistic
* (2.3) Added 2 new ferry connections. Gdańsk (DK91) <-> Gdańsk (DK89) and Gdańsk <-> Helsinki (fictional)
* (2.3) Added cabin accessories
* (2.3) Bug fixes

Team PR:

Poland Rebuilding Team

DOWNLOAD 774 MB [mirror]

12 thoughts on “Poland Rebuilding 2.3.1 (for PM 2.32 and ETS2 1.33)

  1. Does i need pm or work it without pm too

    1. Tomasz_Mr

      You need ProMods, because PR is using some models from them

  2. caution!!
    It does not mean, Baltic DLC is not required, but with the DLC crashes the game, unfortunately 🙁

    Google translation !!

  3. Thank you for your Update of this wonderful Map.
    I´ve got it and put it in my 2 Profiles, with and without Baltic (waiting for PM Update) and it works fine. 5*

  4. Ross gillies

    Works fine for Baltic for me. Thanks, fantastic job.

  5. hello


  6. Czemu robicie tylko pod promodsa? Nie mam zamiaru go pobierać tylko dlatego, że ktoś zrobił moda na Polskę pod Promods.

  7. hello
    compared to older versions it’s not the same example there was a small village with a garage near Novogard exit novogard there was a roundabout we took a left to get there and there there not figure

  8. Barbagallo777

    Fix for using it without promods would be great

  9. Johnny Lambrechts

    What is the load order with Promods ?

  10. alfred110

    I have discovered a bug and although at each crossing the barriers do not go on ??????? !!!!!!!! please make a fix

  11. Szkoda że Szczecin jest słabo odwzorowany, co chwilę się gubię a mieszkam tu 35 lat ?

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