Poland Rebuilding Addons 1.0

I apologize in advance for the quality of the city. This is due to the short construction time and lack of time. The quality of the next cities will be at a high level
We apologize for the lack of photos
I’m A Novice Map Maker 😉

Changes in Map Version 1.0:
The city of Dębica
Added 2 New Companies (Bideronka and Lidl)
The Dębica West Junction has been added
2 gas stations have been added (Orlen and Circle K)
The National Road 94 in Dębica has been added
Service Behind Roundabout Has Been Added
The Railway Station has been added
Our map and Emoyeni VS file should be placed above ProMods and Poland Rebuilding
Report bugs on Discord: https://discord.gg/mGCyu9Xygw on channel #bugs-in-map or #błędy-na-mapie

Special Thanks:
Poland Rebuilding Team – Models, Assets, Signs etc.
ProMods Team – Models, Assets, Signs etc.

Xedos, Wojtek ETS 2, WojoWoj


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