Poland Rebuilding v 2.2 + FIX (1.31)

Map is overlay of existing Polish terrains on ProMods and including modification of terrains from previous versions of Our map.

We’ve hope, then what we give You, will be much more amazing like never before.

Update 2.2 is mainly bug fixes from previous versions and adaptation for 1.31 patch. In addition, in this version we refreshed signs in Świnoujście.

ProMods Map 2.27

– Going East
– Scandinavia
– Vive la France

Files Order:

(.7z file must be unpacked using 7-zip)

Poland Rebuilding Team


24 thoughts on “Poland Rebuilding v 2.2 + FIX (1.31)

  1. Nie działa link.

    1. PolandRebuilding

      Link działa, tylko omyłkowo składa się z dwóch (główny i fix). Trzeba je sobie rozdzielić.
      Napisałem już by poprawili 🙂

    2. PolandRebuilding

      Wszystko działa. Jest tylko mały problem z linkiem ponieważ posiada 2 adresy url. Wystarczy je sobie rozdzielić i osobno wklepać. Już napisałem by to poprawili.

  2. QF_Giulia

    Here are official links and topic on SCS forum – https://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=242280

  3. Link nie działa


    Guys if you check the link carefully you will notice that it contains two links: the first is the Poland Rebuilding v2.2 and the second is the FIX.

  5. AshtheBarron

    ERROR! – no such file name.

  6. PolandRebuilding

    Link work properly but …
    In “DOWNLOAD” is small fault – there are 2 url’s in one.
    You must separate them and everything works.

    I reported this small fault to administration.

  7. The links are fine, just look at the link and think a while xD

    1. Eu Driver

      You are right, this “cleva kids” not cleva 😀 😀

  8. Czy koniecznie musi byc msapa ProMods 2.27 nie ma takie mozliwosci aby pograc na samej tylko??

  9. Please do it without ProMods! Prosze!!! Zajebista mapa ale prosze bez ProMods 🙁

  10. Does not work with v.

  11. Guthrie Forbes

    A beautiful piece of work unfortunately it breaks the road connection between Seidlice and Brest. using the latest versions

    1. PolandRebuilding

      Set road connection above Poland Rebuilding files as it is shown in files order …

  12. Is it necessary to use Rusmap?

  13. Oops… Sorry, is optional use Rusmap 🙂

  14. 1.32 ??

  15. hello
    when a new version for 1.32?
    thank you

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