Polatlı Renault Range T Dashboard

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For this dashboard you must to have Polatlı Renault Range-T truck

Fixed Gear Font
Added functionality for “AUTO”, “MANU” indicator. Now it shows what gear shifting mode you used in game.
Added engine brake icon (on this place in real truck retarder indicator?)
Fixed oil pressure bar, now it looks and works like on real truck.
Also added dashboard version with black background of gear area

Pack contain 2 dashboard – regular and with black gear area.


DOWNLOAD 220 KB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 220 KB [Uploadfiles]


5 thoughts on “Polatlı Renault Range T Dashboard

  1. now that’s a proper mod!

  2. my friend shis posivel you creat a templat for this truck pleasse

  3. Bhagwant123

    OK give me link of truck

    1. 2º line the text

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