Polesie and the Lublin Region v0.6

Version 0.6:
– Is the version that rebuilds Hańsk and its surroundings and adds Łęczna for version 1.48.x of Euro Truck Simulator 2

Map needs all map DLC’s, excluding West Balkans, to work.
Compatible with ETS2 1.48.x

Main authors: Buwek – coordination, map, models, signs; Luxi – testing, idea for map; kpv8 – testing, city projecting; Golden Janina – map, models, testing, support
Modelers: Adam J., Nicko, Dominiko, MAD MAX, Krysio1993, Michaleczeq i team PR, Jakiś Bartuś, MiszkoPro, FLD, Kirrou
Testers: Koziu, JG, !EEBola
Sponsors: Luxi, Andrzej, , Shaqim, JG, Ten No Ten, Nuytter, Pawełek
Special thanks to: Wjeszak, Matamet, FanSim, Tester Symulacji, Adamcio, Wujek Bohun, and all my friends that I didn’t mentioned


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