Polish City Names v 1.8 (Vanilla+Promods+TSM+RusMap+ROS+OE+MHE+EAA+SR)


* Base game translation
* Going East! translation
* Scandinavia translation
* Promods 2.00 translation
* Trucksim 6.2 translation
* RusMap 1.6 translation
* Russian Open Spaces 2.4 translation (thanks to Frachti, marmistrzmar)
* Orient Express 8.2 translation
* MHAProEU 2.2.2 translation
* EAA 3.0 translation
* Surowaja Rossija R11 translation

Version 1.8
– Added Surowaja Rossija R11 translation

Version 1.7
– Added EAA 3.0 translation

Version 1.6
– Added MHAProEU translation
– Corrected badly translated city in Promods translation

Detailed credits:
* Narzew – concept & all translations
* Frachti – english translation of Russian Open Spaces, base for Polish translation
* marmistrzmar – correcting 16 city names in Russian Open Spaces translation

Authors: Narzew, Frachti, marmistrzmar

Share where you want but keep original link and credits!
Do not reupload!

Narzew, Frachti, marmistrzmar


10 thoughts on “Polish City Names v 1.8 (Vanilla+Promods+TSM+RusMap+ROS+OE+MHE+EAA+SR)

  1. Ez a sok térkép együtt jól működik????

    1. Please use English – if you use map X, just install translation to map X. Not all maps work together, for example Суровая Россия map is standalone, and Promods don’t work with TSM.

      1. Köszi szépen.

  2. A 2.kép melyik map????

  3. #### I wish I had the money for the scandinavia DLC, its awesome to see so many map mods work together

    1. Promods (with addons: Project Balkans, Egypt)+RusMap+EAA+PIM => awesome pack
      You can additionally combine ROS (old version 2.4), R.O.C, TasMap and South Korea Adventure Map 6.5
      This give you huge map, about 10x larger than standard SCS map

      1. Nice thanks for the info, unfortunately I can’t use them right now though

        TSM, Promods, and Rusmap all require the scandinavia DLC to work, when I buy that DLC soon I will definately be trying this.

  4. Ha lenne időd esetleg leírnád hogy melyik map verzió?
    Meg hogy a sorrendbe hogy kell berakni?
    Ha esetleg emailben küldenéd: [email protected]

  5. Pokemon_ul

    Hi, how to build modes in the game so it did not fall meetings please

  6. nekem nem is adott ki ruszki mappot??!

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