Pollock Scotrans Volvo FH16

Pollock Scotrans skin for the ETS all version, truck Volvo FH16 only Globetrotter Xl.

**All the add-ons to the truck have been modified and perfected in order to be able to assemble them all respecting the colors of the skin:

Tested in/with:
ETS2 V1.42, work in all version!
Promods V2.57!
Any other type of mod!

by Pefez

To show the authentic representation of the Pollock fleet member, follow the setup options on a new Volvo FH16 Globetrotter Xl:
Cabin – Globetrotter Xl
Chassis – 6×2/4 Midlift
Engine – D16G750 Euro 5 EEV
Front Logo – Stock
Additional Lights – Stock
Windshield Frame – Stock
Front Mask – Esclusive
Front Grill – Paint
Front Badge Plate – Paint
Front Bumper – Stock
Headlights – Esclusive
Main Mirrors – Paint
Sideskirts – Full Protection Sideskirts
Windshield Frame – Stock
Light Bar – David
Light Bar – Lumen Mark I
Front Fender – Paint
Rear Fender – Paint
Rear Fender Top – Paint
Front Mirror – Stock Long
Side Mirror – Stock
Sidepanel – Black
Door Handles – Chrome
Side Deflectors – Paint Led
Roof Deflectors – Paint Led
Left Horn – Howl II
Right Horn – Howl II
Decal – Paint
Bull Bar – Front Lamp Holder Classic
Bull Bar – Lumen Mark I
Door Steps – Serpent
Air Filter – Plastic
Chassis Cover – Diva
Rear Bumper – Chariot

If you don’t like the configurations I have provided, you can easily change everything except the Globetrotter Xl cab, all the pieces have been machined and therefore all compatible!



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