Poludniowa Polska Map

Southern Poland is a map add-on to ETS 2 that expands the southern part of Poland. I tried to accurately reproduce each intersection and characteristic places as much as my skills allow.
The mod is an overlay for Poland Rebuilding and ProMods, so these two maps are required for the operation of Southern Poland for the appropriate version of the game. This mod should have a higher priority than Poland Rebuilding and ProMods.

– New roads have been added – the rest of the national route No. 28
– A new city has been added – Mszana Dolna
– New companies have been added
– The map has been adapted to the game version 1.44, ProMods 2.61 and Poland Rebuilding 2.5.4
– The vicinity of Nowy Sącz was improved
– The ability to discover new roads has been added
– Improved traffic on the roads in the region – Beta V.0.1
– Map sounds added – Beta V.0.1
– Improved terrain optimization
– Some bugs have been fixed
– And much more …



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