Południowa Polska

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Southern Poland is a map add-on to ETS 2 that expands the southern part of Poland. I tried to accurately reproduce each intersection and characteristic places as much as my skills allow.
The mod is an overlay for Poland Rebuilding and ProMods, so these two maps are required for the operation of Southern Poland for the appropriate version of the game. This mod should have a higher priority than Poland Rebuilding and ProMods.

The southern Polish region is one of the most diverse areas in the country. This part of the country is i.a. strewn with lots of hills, mounds and mountains. This region has very nice views from all kinds of hills.
It also has a lot of forests, fields, orchards, which are reproduced in my appendix.

Roads in this region are often bumpy and winding. You have to be very careful on the roads and curves as some of them are tricky. What can be seen in the game driving in the south of Poland.
Driving skills are extremely helpful, as driving with more than 20 tonnes of set requires a lot of maneuvering from the driver.

I cordially invite you to ride these roads in the game, thanks to my expansion. And also to test your driving skills. Regards.

For the map to work all map DLCs, ProMods 2.61, and Poland Rebuilding 2.5.4 are required.
The map is an overlay for PM and PR, therefore a map update for a different version of the game will be issued when the two maps needed for action come out.

The map was tested with traffic “1” (command: uset g_traffic “1”). It is recommended to ride at this intensity.
Various sounds appeared on the map, so if someone prefers light background noises, pleasant to the ear, I recommend moving the slider to the right (i.e. volume up) in the in-game settings with the sounds:
– World sounds volume
– Ambient sounds volume

Changes in v1.6:
– New roads have been added – the rest of the national route No. 28
– A new city has been added – Mszana Dolna
– New companies have been added
– The map has been adapted to the game version 1.44, ProMods 2.61 and Poland Rebuilding 2.5.4
– The vicinity of Nowy Sącz was improved
– The ability to discover new roads has been added
– Improved traffic on the roads in the region – Beta V.0.1
– Map sounds added – Beta V.0.1
– Improved terrain optimization
– Some bugs have been fixed
– And much more …

All DLC, ProMods 2.61 and Poland Rebuilding 2.5.4 are required for the map to work. The map is an overlay for PM and PR, therefore a map update for a different version of the game will be issued when the two maps needed for action come out.

The mod should be placed above the maps in the mod manager (above all PR and PM).

The required game version is: 1.44x

Special thanks to:
Poland Rebuilding Team – models
ProMods – models

Please send any errors or tips to my e-mail: [email protected]

It is forbidden to share the mod on other forums. Provide the original link I uploaded!

Feel free to download and admire the beautiful Polish climate on the map.



One thought on “Południowa Polska

  1. Hi Matt_Elo2001!

    I´m a great fan of Poland Rebuilding and I would love to give your map-addon a try in my combo because the description sounds very promising!

    But sadly the required RC (Road Connection) for Poland Rebuilding to use it in a map combo with ProMods, RoEx and RusMap is missing, because the modder who made this RC up to now won´t make it anymore!

    I hope, that this issue will be solved in the near future for the good of all ETS2-Truckers, who use map combos!


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