Changelog v1.2.1 (1.39.x) and (1.40.x OB):
– quick bug fix

Change log v1.2
The village of Balewo was added (along with the village of Balewo, 4 km of roads were added).
Link between Czernin and Piekło have been added +5.2 km of roads).
The village of Postolin was added (16.8 km of roads were added along with the village of Postolin).
In total, there were about 26 km of roads
Individual icons have been added for the location of bus stations on the world map “yellow PKS” .
Private companies Mat-Trans in Postolin and PeliPeli in Biała Góra.

Change of economy … higher payment for deliveries
New graphics on billboards.
More detail has been added.

Change log v1.1 from 03.02.21:
Fix weather for 1.40
Change log v1.1:
About 16 km of roads have been added
The village of “Piekło” has been added
Bus stop icons have been added
Added info boards with the list of “Donator’s” and icons of their locations on the minimap ( letter “D” )
More streetlights outside of cities



4 thoughts on “POMEZANIA MAP SCALE 1:1 V1.2.1

  1. Yıldırım

    Hi, which dlc do I need to have to use this map?

  2. Euro Driver King

    This is not a real 1:1 scale. Is normal map.
    If was 1:1 , wil be more 50B or 100GB.
    Real scale is not exist.

  3. louis makowski

    Add Sztum please.

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