Porsche Panamera 2010 Rework by Gambarotto

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This is the second version of the Porsche Panamera
Man dealer
In this new version, some accessories have been added, such as:
Trailer hitch
Lights on the floor
3 types of exhaustion
3 types of engines
7-speed actual gear change
3 types of snoring
2 types of ceiling (painting and black)
2 wheels (one pint)
On board computer
It also added improved cornering stability
Some textures and materials were reshaped
Sorry for not having video, I do not have a good computer to record videos
Sorry for my bad english, i’m using translator



36 thoughts on “Porsche Panamera 2010 Rework by Gambarotto

  1. wow!!! it’s only dealer… good!

    1. I keep coming back… someone get me banned for good before I beg for more thing…

      1. It’s a violation of your identity.

        1. shut up!!

  2. hi, is it compatible with other cars? (BMW by BurakTuna, Audi A8 by Diablo)

    1. Gambarotto

      I believe that the Audi A8 is not compatible

  3. David Fleming

    i cant find it?

  4. Katschank

    Very nice mod!

    HD video 1.30

  5. Lucasdriver70


  6. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

  7. Awsome mod!

  8. FoxOnTheBox

    Great work! It’s a very nice car mod, lovely model and interior.

    HD Video tested on 1.30

  9. It’s a good job and I really appreciate it. But there are three things that need to be corrected:
    1 Can I put it in the same profile as other mods, like the audi A8 by diablo?
    2 The gear ratio must be corrected (in automatic, it start in fourth)
    3 Above all, it is impossible to drive it with the car trailer. I’ve tried, but every time I touch the throttle, the car gets up ahead.

    1. UltraGeo2000

      Edsor i have tried to privately edit the gear ratios, using the same ones from the audi a8 by Diablo, which i had already successfully edited (i wont publish them, for any car, unless the actual author, or authors, of those cars allow me to do so), but there is still the same problem, so it must be something else that i cannot find for the time being…But all in all, it is an excellent mod, and if the problems you stated are solved, it will be one of the best car mods out there…Cheers

      1. Gambarotto

        The car starts from the fourth gear because the torque is too high, I could not fix it, if I lower the torque value, the car does not exceed 200 km / h, if you can fix it, of course you can publish the fix 🙂

        1. UltraGeo2000

          I dont know how to do this, but what if u used the engine from the range rover? Its 500 hp, and i have privately edited the gearbox in a way that it starts from first gear…

  10. #### Scooper.


    1. Why don’t you try to have a little education? First, any mod for this game should be able to conduct itself in both manual and automatic ways. Second, there’s a specific trailer for cars, in case you haven’t heard

  11. YouTube Channel : OsqaiHD

    Nice 🙂

  12. when I want to extract the mod, it says that it is enable to extract all the files of the .rar folder … Can someone help me please ? 🙂

  13. herpsi123

    looking at this car power (500hp) it should easily reach 320km/h and with decent acceleration, but seems like it goes nice from 0 to 200 and from there on it struggles to reach 300kmh

    1. Gambarotto

      I could not fix this, sorry

  14. keeps freezing

  15. sadsafasf

    where the #### are lights on the floor?

  16. Where are sounds?

  17. Hi friend ! Can you tell me how to install this mod please???

  18. Hi im Marcelo Nice mod but itens a problem for me, is of the speed the real car reach 300km/h of the mod for me reach 90km/h how to reach the Real speed?

    1. Hi marcelo.. you have to go to SETTINGS<GAMEPLAY <SPEED LIMIT and turn it off…byee

  19. Nice mod!!! Can u Made A45 AMG plz ???

  20. Video test (720p) :

    Great mod !

  21. Can’t find the car in the MAN dealer, tested it in my normal save and a save with just this mod installed

  22. Not Working Sound? Help

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