Portugal Trailers Pack 3


Tested in version 1.24x
The trailers are in traffic

Trailer standalone

For skin requests:
[email protected]

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3 Responses to Portugal Trailers Pack 3

  1. Theosz says:

    joaoppg, have advanced trailer coupling?

  2. Madpower says:

    Is it standalone trailers?

    I apreciate pt trailers but couldn`t you find soemthing rather then transbarracĂŁo e TLD…i mean…”broa oliveira” tiff” RSJ beautifull Scanias…transportes Pascoal and many others i can not remenber now bottom line there are more bigger and known companies don`t you agree? renova tmc tja etc are alright but half of them i do not know…probably some smalish 3 trucks companie 🙂 Please replay to us

    • joaoppg says:

      I appreciate the comment.
      First question .
      is Portuguese ?
      This is my third.
      The company Broliveira is the second pack that has already been released and 4 Pack will be released more companies .-
      If you want to know what are the next companies to be released or if you want to give ideas, contact me –
      [email protected]
      Thanks for your comment

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