Portuguese Supermarkets Pack

This pack includes four trailers from Portuguese Supermarkets (or supermarkets that are active in Portugal). In this pack there’s trailers for Continente, Pingo Doce, LIDL (german), and E Leclerc (french).

All them use high-quality texture, and were created as perfect replicas of the real life trailers, but adapted to the game. They don’t cause any lag problems.

I hope you enjoy! If there’s any bug, please say in the comments.

Don’t share this mod in other websites if you’re going to change the credits or the download link.

SilvaTrucker, SCS


6 thoughts on “Portuguese Supermarkets Pack

  1. Very looking good job! Sure i will test it!! Keep your good mods!!!

    1. SilvaTrucker

      Thanks Gamma!

  2. fregaropa

    Nice work.

    1. SilvaTrucker


  3. Daniel1258

    Olá silva trucker seus mods são legais mas nesse pack de reboques com skins de supermercado tem erros vou deixar o link da foto mostrando esse erros ok!!!


    1. SilvaTrucker

      Olá, obrigado pelo comentário!

      Esses erros não são nenhum alerta, quando isso acontece o texto é vermelho.. Nesse caso é só um pequeno aviso a amarelo, de que o ficheiro pmd está numa versão de um tipo diferente.. Desde a versão 1.27 que o jogo permite uma versão mais recente do ficheiro pmd. Mas não causa nenhum problema 😉

      Hello, thanks for the comment!

      Those errors aren’t a warning, that’s only when the text is red.. In that case it’s just a small yellow advice, because the pmd model file is in a different type. Since 1.27 version of the ETS2 that the game allows a newer type of pmd. files… But it doesn’t causes any problem 😉

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