Powder-Trans OY AB by Reissumies

-Powder-Trans skin for the feldbinder KIP trailer and rigid addon

Required mods
– RJL Scania R & Streamline and Tandem addon for RJL Scania rs&r4 by Kast 2.2.1 (for ALL trucks)
– Next Generation Scania | Improvements and Rework and Rigid Chassis Addon for Eugene’s Scania NG by Kast (for New Scania)
– Rigid chassis pack for all SCS trucks (for other truck brands)
– Ekeri trailers by Kast and Ekeri Tandem trailers ADDON by Kast (for Dolly)

-suitable for:
-Volvo fh16
-Volvo fh16 2012
-Scania R
-Scania RJL
-Mercedes actros 2014


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2 thoughts on “Powder-Trans OY AB by Reissumies

  1. mathias adam

    spie stürzt leider ab, auch wenn ich die ganzen erforderlichen add ons runterlade und installiere. leider ist der mod nicht brauchbar.

  2. Mooooooooooooooore and Thanks!! 🙂

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