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Scania R S 2016 8×6.scs
Credits: an225,GoldLightMe

Credits: GoldLightMe
Power Transmission v8.5.scs
MB Actros MP-IV Engines.scs
Scania Engine v7.0.scs

pack zip Compression cancellation
Translated to Google
Follow to power gear Scania R, S 2016,MP4 Jungryangmuljeonyong cars component tuning picture instruction is a mode 4 essential



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2 thoughts on “Power Transmission

  1. GoldLightMe

    Suspends 900,000,000t trailer and tested that enjoy
    Other Map application possibility
    chassis 4×2 20t, 6×2~6 25t, 8×2~8 30t
    4×2 chassis tank size : 2400 adblue tank sizes : 600
    6×2~6 tank sizes : 6400~8600 adblue tank sizes : 1000~1200
    8×2~8 chassis tank sizes : 8600 adblue tank sizes : 1200
    Exclusive use Truck POWER Gear
    scania engine 730hp (953kw) R S 2016
    MP4 engine 750hp (851kw) POWER Gear
    Number important Google translation machine to sell picture option

  2. ismail ozdemir

    Very very great job… thank you so much… let me tell you a couple of issues…..

    1. Tank sizes are very very much for scania.I am not sure for other trucks…

    2. I drive kenworth trucks.This mod is not compatible with modded trucks.I trıed to extract but I need passwords.Can you provide me password just for once??

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