Powerful Engines Pack + Transmissions v 4.0 for V1.25.xx

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Hi. There are changes in this release due to some changes in files of version 1.25. Besides engines and transmissions for use with other trucks that have adapted they are included. is the best thing ye see him in the video.

New in this version:

Fixed bug sound Scania engines RJL
Adapted all engines and transmissions for Volvo FH10

All engines and gearboxes pack are valid for the following trucks:

– Daf XF
– Daf XF Euro6
– Iveco Hiway
– Iveco Stralis
– Man TGX
– Mercedes Actros
– New Mercedes Actros
– Renault Magnum
– Renault Premium
– Scania R
– Scania Streamline
– Scania RJL (With sound built-in)
– Volvo FH10
– Volvo FH16
– Volvo FH16 2012

10 Engines:

The engines range from 600 to 3900 hp. In the following range:

– 600 Cv
– 700 Cv
– 800 Cv
– 900 Cv
– 1400 Cv
– 1900 Cv
– 2400 Cv
– 2900 Cv
– 3400 Cv
– 3900 Cv

14 Transmissions:

– 3 boxes 6-speed transmissions, one with retarder.
– 1 Box 10-speed transmissions.
– 2 Boxes of 12-speed transmissions, one with retarder.
– 2 Boxes of 13-speed transmissions, one with retarder.
– 1 Box 15-speed transmissions.
– 1 Box 18-speed transmissions.
– 3 Boxes of 21-speed transmissions, one with retarder.
– 1 Box 22-speed transmissions.

File Weight: 6.5 MB.

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Author: Rockeropasiempre


4 thoughts on “Powerful Engines Pack + Transmissions v 4.0 for V1.25.xx

  1. Thank you for this mod.


  2. Why the heck would u need a 3900hp engine it’s a truck not a battleship

  3. SamoPlsKYS

    you don’t even get the numbers right
    7120 Nm @ 2500 RPM? that would be 2500 hp instead of 1400 hp
    plz get educated stop being a ######

  4. I have Problems with my new actros mp4 there is no sound by the engine :/

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