Powerhouse-Renault Magnum (Knox) skin


– Powerhouse skin for Renault Magnum (Knox version)
– København/Danmark version
– Very beautifull combo with Powerhouse trailers!

DannyVR-Knox-SCS Software


4 thoughts on “Powerhouse-Renault Magnum (Knox) skin

  1. Plzzzzzzzz make this skin for scania R or STREAMLINE I LOVE THAT PAINT but i dont love reanult 🙂 so if you can make it for scania or volvo that cut be verry verry nice 😀 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Thomas-PRN

      Renault is better than Scania and Volvo! 😉

      1. Perhaps you do 🙂 but i dont like renault verry mutch its a fine truck it really is 🙂 but im more a volvo or scania boy hehe 🙂

      2. and sorry for my english i hope you understand 😀

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