Praktiker trailers


– Krone Profiliner trailer
– Schmitz Universal trailer

The trailers are standalone.
Tested on 1.26.3s game version.
Created with ETS2 Mods studio beta.

azannya26, SCS


8 thoughts on “Praktiker trailers

  1. Praktiker = Bankrott

  2. RagnarModding

    azannya, add me at facebook or write an pn.
    maybe i can help u with the red error

    1. you know very well that I helped scania_dragon
      why do not you write here?

      1. RagnarModding

        no because i dont read ur post at the other thread because i was in holyday.
        so i wrote that and because i dont want make trouble with *spam* i wrote like above….

        1. However it is not SPAM
          information are explained in this forum
          the tutorial and links posted on the forum (I do not take money from zippyshare)

      2. scania_dragon

        sorry zoso, have seen it even a few minutes ago after an evening with personal problems (with my heating).

        @azannya26: please encrypt your ets2 base file with scsextract and search for following files:

        You will found the files in following pathes (for example):




        You must copying theses files (ALL) to your pathes in ets2studio:
        for example to:
        ETS2 Mods Studio 0-7-4-2\data\trailers\default\SCS Food (2 Sides)\vehicle\trailer_eu\{{InternalName}}\

        These copy-operation you repeat to all your trailer-pathes in ets2studio.

        !! Use best a filemanager to do these operations !!

        You can change the same file too in your ready mods.
        For example a path to one of my trailers:


        Hope you understand me and I can help you with my assistence.

        And please note: this is essential only for ets2 v1.26.x
        For ets2 1.25.x this is not required!

        1. Nothing serious, I just wanted to tell friend
          RagnarModding, it was right to explain here and not in private
          because he has learned my explanation.
          °°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° °°°°°
          However it is more important to repair your heating????

  3. azannya26
    Here you can find how to fix it there are explanations and video tutrorial

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