PREDATOR T-cab skin pack


pack contains

PREDATOR Scania T-cab skin.scs
яяя PREDATOR f-r Flaps skin.scs
яяя PREDATOR T-cab Interior.scs – replace’s v8 interior, i do not know how to make it standalone

unpack all in tour mod file, found here
C:\Users\your name\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod
activate ingame profile

Hope you like and enjoy



3 thoughts on “PREDATOR T-cab skin pack

  1. wats the mod of the truck Scania T …..??????

    1. RJLs T-mod 1.5.2

  2. Gnagarn86

    can´t get this one or redbull t-cab skin or michelin t-cab skin to work at all, and i have RJLs T-mod 1.5.2

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