Prefab with animated Gate v 1.9

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I edited few old prefab (quarry,car factory, nbfc and heavy factory). I replaced static gate with an animated one. It is trigered automaticaly when you drive close to it. Must wait until is fully open, or may take HEAVY DAMAGE !!!!!
Just activate mod in mod manager with higher priority.

Version 1.9 for patch 1.28+
Changed easy spam location for warehouse_orange prefab to acomodate with double trailers.
It is necesary to rebuild map to have efect.
Map makers can use this mod without asking permission.

Todor Alin


6 thoughts on “Prefab with animated Gate v 1.9

  1. Hello when i download your mod the blocked download i wanted to know if it’s normal

  2. PolishDriverTruck

    HD Video Test 1.28…

  3. Didn’t Scumi already made a mod like this? And a few other modders.. It worked perfectly untill version 1.26. Is it the same mod??

    1. Also it opens too fast in my opinion… And missing the sound like in Scumi’s mod that makes it more realistic..

  4. NtsParadize

    Does it work with ProMods?

  5. Please a tollgate poland….

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