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I’m Tested 1.21.x. Find Renault Dealer.

Another in sharing when the original link’s use!

Authors; SCS, Vyacheslav Khutorskoy, MTKRZ, Phoneix, Ahmet Can Sevnic, ArcantinliKaptan, leti7kedil


11 thoughts on “Premium PickUp

  1. thanks for sharing but….. why????

    you took a decent truck that modders took there time to add too the game and you have just basically ruined it (no offence, just my personal opinion) the Renault premium DCi shouldn’t look like a Brazilian hideous excuse for trucks. im sure to others this may be a good idea but it isn’t to me. you took a useless truck from the real world (which I know as I drove one for 3 years) and now made it more useless in ets2.

    1. kiLLer Modding

      agree with you, renault premium is useless truck.

    2. Haha good point.

    3. leti7kedil

      Truck is Turkish Style and You see real life in street. A lot of Turkish players playing ets 2. My mod for theys, Turkish players.

      Real photos: /

    4. Sorry buddy,this is Turkish style,you know nothing about Brazil’s one, Renault in Brazil is like Kenworth in Europe

    5. et voila ce qui prouve ton incompétence… Le premium, un camion inutile ??? pauvre crétin, tu en a eu un 3 ans ? Et bien pour en avoir eu un pendant plus de 6 ans, puis un Lander, en passant par du Magnum, et sur different travaux coimme du porte-engins, de la benne ou de la route en plateaux et tautliner, laisse moi te dire que j’ai toujours préféré le conford de mon premium et son efficacité a vos scania ou volvo misérables ! Et oui, car étant un vrai chauffeur, j’ai pu rouler aussi 6 ans en iveco, et quelques années en man, daf et scania. Et il n’y a pas photo, Renault est bien superieur ! les chevaux de la nouvelles génération sont un peu mou, mais je préfere ca a me retrouver le soir avec le dos brisé ! Bande d’ignars !

  2. Strahinja

    Is there any video of this truck?And can I remove this box on this truck?Just to have normal.

    1. Faelandaea

      To remove the box, enter your truck manager, or dealership. Load or buy a default Renault Premium. You now have this truck with no box.

  3. incompetent

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