Pro Mod v 1.90 Colour Maps

Pro-Mod-v-1.90-Colour-Maps-2 Pro-Mod-v-1.90-Colour-Maps-1

A small mod to replace the default ProMods World Map and Job Market map with a more colourful background.

Author: Elmer BeFuddled


8 Responses to Pro Mod v 1.90 Colour Maps

  1. Rocket455Man says:


    Thanks for map, mate.

    – Real Full Trailer Combination Driver –

  2. LEA says:

    mod dont work…! i have only promodmap in modfolder!! what is the problem?

  3. geoff1 says:

    not promods mod

  4. LEA says:

    why he write “A small mod to replace the default ProMods World Map “?????

  5. geoff1 says:

    this is not 1.90 as it was realesed on sunday nothing done for this map and you hace to downloaad from promods of map 1.90

  6. Gulak says:

    copy maps promods-v190/ui/map.Then it works.

  7. Crash says:

    No workie…
    @ Gulak: copy what???

  8. Junek says:

    This mod does not work.

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