Profile for V 1.27

Profile for V 1.27
Have garage in every city Contains Viva lah france & Going east & Scandinavia (118 garage)
and buy every truck
Level: 75 (410,145 XP)
Money: 1,389,443,584
⛔️Doesnt reupload⛔️
Thank you



7 thoughts on “Profile for V 1.27

  1. soo how do i put this to work on my profile or in mods folder???

    1. Digital X

      In the rar file, put the numbered folder directly into your “profiles” folder, with the others.

  2. Michael Cheatsarelosers

    Wow this is a great mod. Thanks.

    1. your welcome❤?

  3. Hey. great, thank you very much! You can only do that was 10 million euros and no more please

    1. thanks ,OK

  4. with this mod my game is crashing on scandinavia

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