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Profile Truckers Map R 43, and I decided to do a good deed. Here is a profile and level of 147000 999s than million. 2 open interior: Volvo and DAF. 2 Garage: Yekaterinburg (headquarters) and Birobidzhan. Bought Kamaz Kraz and 255.



6 Responses to ProfileTruckers Map R43

  1. tony 06 says:

    hi please give the password for your map tks

  2. Alex Knoks says:

    Thanks You Share Save Game Truckers R43

  3. plizzz says:

    password plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz дай пароль умаляююююююююююю

  4. plizzz says:

    Я проста скачал карту gobar43 там 4 файла и у меня выкидывает

  5. soneje says:

    Please write list of mods used for this profile .

  6. soneje says:

    Please help me somebody ,i need the origin deffinition on this map

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