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Profile Truckers Map R 43, and I decided to do a good deed. Here is a profile and level of 147000 999s than million. 2 open interior: Volvo and DAF. 2 Garage: Yekaterinburg (headquarters) and Birobidzhan. Bought Kamaz Kraz and 255.



6 thoughts on “ProfileTruckers Map R43

  1. hi please give the password for your map tks

  2. Alex Knoks

    Thanks You Share Save Game Truckers R43

  3. password plizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz дай пароль умаляююююююююююю

  4. Я проста скачал карту gobar43 там 4 файла и у меня выкидывает

  5. Please write list of mods used for this profile .

  6. Please help me somebody ,i need the origin deffinition on this map

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