Project Arab Stations – [ETS2 1.38] – Arab World Stations 1.6

How to add Mod :
DocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2
Click R in game And then you will find Radios
Version :
1.37.X 1.38.X

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Discord :

Info :

Pics By Mohskinner

Photoshop cc 2019

Project Arab Stations

DOWNLOAD 16 KB [mirror]

3 thoughts on “Project Arab Stations – [ETS2 1.38] – Arab World Stations 1.6

  1. Arezki SAMER

    what about algerian stations?

    1. Project Arab Stations

      Asalam Alayoukem

      Brothers Arezki SAMER & Indonesian-Emirati Commonwealth

      i will add UAE radios and algerian stations in Next Version Arab World Stations 2.4

  2. Indonesian-Emirati Commonwealth

    Hi, can you add UAE radios in the next update?

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