Project Balkans v 2.03: ProMods addon for 1.24.x

Project-Balkans-2 Project-Balkans-1

This is the map mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, which expands the game world with detailed map of Balkans. Requires Promods 2.02 and both DLCs to run. Runs only on latest ETS 2 update, 1.23.

Changes from 2.00:
-improved Slovenian licence plates
-fixed problems with jobs in Croatia

New features:

– Osijek
– Slavonski Brod
– Virovitica
– Donji Miholjac (scenery village)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Brod

New roads in Croatia:
– A3 Slavonski Brod – Sredanci
– A5 Osijek – Sredanci
– 2 Osijek – Virovitica

Mod manager order if you’re using Promods and Rusmap:
Project Balkans Definition Package
Project Balkans Map Package
Project Balkans Assets Package
ProMods+RusMap Connection
RusMap Map Package
RusMap Model Package
ProMods Definition Package
ProMods Map Package
ProMods Media Package
ProMods Models Package 2
ProMods Models Package 1
ProMods Assets Package
RusMap Def Package

Authors: grega, volan123, HackerGamer


16 Responses to Project Balkans v 2.03: ProMods addon for 1.24.x

  1. AMIGO says:

    new profile should start?

  2. paul greygoose says:

    when i put all the files in the mod manager in the correct order, the balkans map does not link up with map. if i take off the rusmap then it does . would any one have any answers please?

    • volan123 says:

      Are you sure that all the mods are up to date? Because everyone is telling me that it works.

      • JoachimK says:

        Hello, Volan123,
        thank you for the Upgrade.
        Everything works perfect:
        – ProMods 2.03
        – RusMap 1.63
        – RusMap-Promods Connection 2.02
        – Balcan-Projects
        – Vladzz Map

        @paul greygoose- As Volan says, you should have all up to Date and you must have DLC-North and East to work good.

        And read the ReadMe in Volan´s Mod for the good Order in the ModManager.

  3. wegger says:

    I want more citys…

    • volan123 says:

      Well you could be more patient or you can just do it yourself

  4. andrew says:


  5. JoachimK says:

    “Runs only on latest ETS 2 update, 1.23”

    I confirm, that it works perfect on Patch 1.24

  6. paul greygoose says:


  7. paul greygoose says:

    I have deleted my rusmap & re downloaded it. the map is now complete. must of been a bad download, thanks for youre help.

  8. chop1543 says:

    wtf!! it not work on 1.24.1,,,,

  9. SRBtrucker12 says:


  10. bgfb says:

    pls make it for 1.25

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