Project Balkans v 2.11: ProMods addon for 1.25.x


This is the map mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2, which expands the game world with detailed map of Balkans.
Requires Promods 2.11and both DLCs to run. Runs only on latest ETS 2 update, 1.25.

1.25 Update Compatiblity
Fixed problems with Zagreb definitions
New loading screens 😉

New features:

– Osijek
– Slavonski Brod
– Virovitica
– Donji Miholjac (scenery village)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
– Brod
– Doboj

– Sremska Mitrovica

Mod manager order if you’re using Promods and Rusmap:
Project Balkans Definition Package
Project Balkans Map Package
Project Balkans Assets Package
ProMods+RusMap Connection
RusMap Map Package
RusMap Model Package
ProMods Definition Package
ProMods Map Package
ProMods Media Package
ProMods Models Package 2
ProMods Models Package 1
ProMods Assets Package
RusMap Def Package

grega, volan123, GamerHacker


17 thoughts on “Project Balkans v 2.11: ProMods addon for 1.25.x

  1. dimon353512

    Don’t work!

    1. Everything is ok and it works without Problems.
      You have the good Loadorder?

  2. hristakis

    Hello.Do you have plans to create one day Bulgaria and Greece ?

  3. lovely scenary

    nice loading screens – great job !

  4. Harry Hirsch

    Thank you for Update. Nice Addon.

  5. como se instala?

    1. You put the 3 scs in your Modfolder, than active in Order like it is written in the Description.

  6. jel mozete napravit da bude compatible sa tsm 6.4?

  7. ets2modtester

    can you please make it compitabel with the EAA map? :<

  8. crash game , job error

  9. Dodajte Tešanj (BiH).

  10. do u need the Russia map or not for this mod to work

    1. only ProMods 2.11

  11. Kristijan

    Kude e makedonija ili ona ne spada u Balkan

  12. Zeljko Maksimovic

    Can someone help me how to get this to work ??
    I have correct ets 2 version its 1,25,x and pro mods are 2,11 and it still crashes in loading screen

  13. GMTavares

    Loading this makes all ProMods cities vanish. Both in 1.24.X promods+balkan and in 1.25.X promods+balkan

    (Yes, I used updated mods to each version)
    (yes, I tries without ANY OTHER MODS)

    In my standard map, 1.24.X I have promods+RusMap+ROS+PJIndo+EAA+Taiwan(ROC)+All Jazzycat mods.
    In my standard map, 1.25.X I have
    promods+RusMap+EAA+Taiwan(ROC)+El Dorado+All Jazzycat mods.

  14. Belgrade?

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