Project Japan v1.0.3 For ETS2 1.41

PJ Ver1.0.3 is compatible with ETS2 Ver1.41.
At the same time, not only the PJ itself, but also the add-ons that are compatible with 1.41 are included.

In addition, with this update, we have also fixed problems that were discovered after the release of Ver1.0.2.

Operating environment
・ Ver of ETS2 main unit is 1.41.x

Update / correction part
Bug fixes
-Rain leaks in some tunnels-
AI cars stop on the main highway at a hard company-
There are parts that cannot be passed on narrow roads in Kobe (collisions are on the road) -At
Kanazawa Port there is not received by the work in the company
tunnel ceiling in the cargo is caught of
and other, minor fixes

· PJ body, and ETS2 1.41 correspondence of AddOn

added or changed
change the several companies of the arrangement of the hard company, etc.
, dead-end display Additions such as (Pj accessory add-on, hot dock accessory add-on)

Hard Company Add-on is an additional mod that makes delivery operations hard.
There are settings such as adding obstacles near the parking place and forcibly terminating the navigation guidance near the site.
With long vehicles and trailers with steering wheels, it may not be possible to reach the parking place.

stoked_dude, gmtavares, arvin, karu0920

DOWNLOAD 1.3 GB [mirror]

18 thoughts on “Project Japan v1.0.3 For ETS2 1.41

  1. 910blues

    No direct links, please.
    I try to go through the explanation page on the website to avoid problems with the installation.

  2. expand your map please and reduce HUGE LAGG PROBLEM IN CITY. to many building models over pivot or curve . make it less please sensei

    make it expand to east first until tokyo


    Bonjour, j’ai instalé ce mod, mais je ne le trouve pas dans la liste.

  4. mod says incompatible when i enter the wrong game
    ver 1.41.x

    1. RuzgarSA

      Bende sorunsuz çalışıyor V1.41

  5. ETSstories

    Really happy to see this release 1.41 (I couldn’t convert the model2 1.40 to 1.41 so I didn’t drove it since 1.41 official release), that’s my favourite map, the only one stand alone I installed outside the promods + russmap+ terra maps + volga + etc

    the 2 lands I prefer driving in ETS2 are the Poland (Poland rebuilt+promods) and (yours) Japan, that’s amazin

    thanks and congratulations

  6. I have a problem , i have installed but i cant go to japan , i see the japan on the map but i cant travel there.

      1. Fouad Ahmed

        The Profile is crashing the game before the launchpad

  7. I have a problem, i installed the mod . i see the japan but i cant travel there. I dont see any street, companys or garages. What should i do?

    1. MOD ORDER:
      1. (optional)              
      A1.PJ_addon_hotdog_acc ———- Add Hot Dog Man accessory.
      A1.PJ_addon_pj_acc ———- Add PJ original accessories
      —–(CHOOSE ONE. These two add-ons can not be used simultaneously.)
      A2.PJ_addon_jp_company ———- Changes default companies in the
      game to real Japanese companies.
      A3.PJ_addon_Super_Hard_Company — Enables Super Hard Company
      Mod. (Very challenging parking)
      2. 1.projectjapan-141-def     |
      3. 2.projectjapan-141-model1 |
      4. 3.projectjapan-141-model2 |
      –The files 2 through 6 here are required. If you do not have these in your mod manager, PJ will not work.
      5. 4.projectjapan-141-model3 |
      6. 5.projectjapan-141-map |

      You will need the following 6 MAP DLCs to use them:
      Going East!
      Vive la France !
      Beyond the Baltic Sea
      Road to the Black Sea.

      The trailer in the DLC below is not recommended for use in Project Japan.
      Some buildings, such as toll booths, have been changed to a Japanese height, which may cause problems when towing the following items
      High Power Cargo Pack.
      Heavy Cargo Pack.

      The setting of random events and random detour events should be disabled by moving the gauge to the leftmost position.

      !!! Make sure you select japan.mbd in the selection of region, not europe !!!(when you create new profile)

  8. 910blues

    This poster is not affiliated with the production team, he is a regular user, so he can’t answer

  9. minkolwin

    fuso truck link please

  10. Fouad Ahmed

    Is this a standalone map on a different profiles or can you use it with Promods 2.56 Ets2 1.41 maps, definitions and Assets. Please explain

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