Project Muntenia 5.5.5

Changelog 5.5.5
Rework Road Between Gaesti (partial)-Magura
improvements Details In Many Roads
Adding One New Company In Titu

Project Muntenia Is A Indpendent Map Is Also Addon In Black Sea Dlc
Project Muntenia Can Used As A Map Combo And Is Not Standalone Is In Europe.mbd Is This
And Is Worked With Road To Asia,Kirov Map,Rusmap,Promods Etc But Exept
Roextended Map Because Is Not Compatible With This Map

This Probably is The Last Version Of Project Muntenia 5.5.5 Because I Finished All Roads In Plan Of Project Muntenia That Means I Finished Plan To Adding Dn7 Between Pitesti-Bucuresti Cranguri To Hulubesti And Magura To Leordeni And To Mioveni
Thanks To Suport My Project Working Hard After One year To Starded This Project So Thanks For That
And Is Hard To Say That It Have Some Problem In Road Firstly Is Hard Connect Between Roads And Prefab When The Color Red Is Not Connect Corecly Secoundly Theres Some Low Quality Working But I Realized To Get Rework In Some Roads Mostly Gaesti-Magura Old Parts And I Got add improvements In All Roads To Getting A Better Detailing That Means A Adding improvements And Reworked Roads In This Version Theres Some Problems In This Map But Hardly So Solve Them Because Im Begginer To Start Project Now Im Mid-Begginer And Is Hard To Get More experience To Work In Map
Thats it For It Thanks to review my Project I Worked Hard To Resolve Some Problems And Adding New Roads

Ion Tomescu


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    Apppears to work in combo with roex

  3. Salut. Ai vreun site sau pagina de fb, unde putem urmari evolutia acestei harti?

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