Promods 2.3 Compatibility Fix

This mod is a temporary fix to make ProMods 2.30 compatible with other map and
connection mods still dependant on obsolete FLD prefabs (e.g. RusMap 1.8.1 and its
original ProMods connector, Southern Region 7.2.0 and its
original ProMods connector, The Great Steppe 1.0.3, etc).

Activate with higher priority than all map and connection mods.



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4 thoughts on “Promods 2.3 Compatibility Fix

  1. it is not for the beta 1.32

    1. It doens’t say anywhere that this is a fix for 1.32.

  2. [CargoTLN]Lukas(CH)

    polandrebuild? turkey map? romania Extended?

    1. red_trucker

      I got PR working with it, RoEx doesn’t work with PM 2.30 at all, YKS TM I didn’t try to connect.

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