Promods 2.68 & West Balkans DLC Merge Quality Editon v1.0

Quality Edition of ProMods & West Balkans DLC Merge featuers:
– Almost complete rework of the previous quantity versions
– Added new ferry connections
– More stable than any of the previous quantity versions
– Very few to no visual bugs compared to quantity edition
– Expanded standard West Balkans DLC, with many more cities visible on the map
– Notification when entering another country, like in the rest of ProMods
– Fixed license plates in all Balkan countries and added city codes for most of Balkan cities
– Corrected city names size and position on the map for all ProMods cities
– Roads that lead to nowhere are now all hidden from the map

Threat this mod like any other Promods map addon, only thing it needs is to be loaded above Promods!



10 thoughts on “Promods 2.68 & West Balkans DLC Merge Quality Editon v1.0

  1. hi this will break roads ….load order??

  2. Do i have to have promods?

  3. Hvala Petre

  4. Jack the Trucker


    I put this above Macedonia Rework.

  5. Guthrie Forbes

    Breaks roads and adds a white line heading east. Installed above and below Macedonia with no change

    1. Did you read the link above? Author says the Macedonia rework is NOT compatible.

      1. Guthrie Forbes

        No and I apologise. I am not sure which would be the better way to go but I will try and see. But for awhile. hanks for the reply appreciated

  6. You can see it better from here which is the main discussion.
    There are 2 versions….with 1 going
    It’s up to you to decide which one to use.

  7. 不错不错

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