Promods Big Map Setup with Background v 1.22 [1.34]

Hey Guys, Well here it is Promods Background for Global Edition. Here is the long awaited v1.2.2 BG for Promods, hope you like it, really think that a release is ready. Also keep in mind that it is still WIP and updates can and will happen, I am sure when you guys get a hold of it. 🙂 And map mods change etc … But I want to let you guys see it and test it for your self’s if something needs fixed.

dOOmERdaZe, HalilY


9 thoughts on “Promods Big Map Setup with Background v 1.22 [1.34]

  1. Wow

  2. Thank you! The best MapZoom i ever used 🙂 (I have ProMods 2.33)

  3. crashingbill001

    Even without Promods it works…. WOOOOOOOOWH

  4. The map doesn’t working. I don’t see the cities

  5. dOOmERdaZe



  6. mosinagant

    One day we will need a REAL HD Map for promods (because that’s pixelized) without adding some land (like in Eire) too. Did anyone find the map projection used in the original map background of the game?

  7. Ireland is UPSIDE down, and what is the big land mass on the north of Scotland. At least get it right and check before you post #### like this.

  8. Scotland+are+correct+but+a+little+bit+too+big+and+Ireland+sit+correct+too+



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