ProMods Colour Map

promods-colour-map-1 promods-colour-map-2 promods-colour-map-3

A small mod to replace the default ProMods World Map and Job Market map with a more colourful background.
Coverage is all of the ProMods map area and the mod only contains the required background images.

Tested on the game version 1.25.3

Elmer BeFuddled


6 thoughts on “ProMods Colour Map

  1. Robert Murphy

    Not working for me.

    1. Adrian G.

      It’s mostlikely designed for another 1.25x or 1.25s patch, I’ll test it on my own PC in the evening with Promods installed and activated in the correct load order and see what happens next.

      Happy trucking.

  2. nice addition to the map, looks amazing

  3. Adrian G.

    What do you know…

    It actually works very well if put properly in the mods manager, it has to be above the PM files, then it works just as on my own PC, I didn’t enable all the heavier mods, because of better score keeping for bug tracking.

    Try using the following order :

    PM Assets

    PM Models 1

    PM Models 2

    PM Media

    PM Map

    PM Definitions

    and then you put above this mod for presenting a colored map for Promods, with everything else following according to a desired sequence.

    If it’s still unable to chew the modifications, then it’s a profile problem, reset it and start from scratch. Use only as a last resort,I know I did, once.

    It should be noted that the color combination works even on earlier 1.25 versions, mine is 1.25.6s.

    Good luck with solving the problem with recommended settings as mentioned above.

    Happy trucking.

    1. Adrian G.

      Ooops, small misspell,

      Lapsus happens.

  4. Adrian G.

    Since the latest game version for both Steam and non-Steam which is, this mod doesn’t portray the map zooming correctly, a hotfix for 1.27 and higher, is needed, until then, I’ll be using the standard grey map for ETS2 both Promods and vanilla.

    Please publish a fix soon, SCS has changed a lot of parameters lately, this is way the zooming gets you down for Promods, the newest fix would bring stability again. Thank you.

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