Promods map zoom – ETS2 1.32 – Promods 2.31

This mod allows you to view the map more remotely. In other words, you can see more of the map on the screen.
Especially useful in map combinations.

How to use.
Put the mod in the mod folder and activate it.
The mod must be above all map mods. If you are using mods such as graphics mod, gps mod, the mod should be on top of these mods.

Tekteker Haydar


5 thoughts on “Promods map zoom – ETS2 1.32 – Promods 2.31


    sympa merci

  2. Seattle on ProMods ?

  3. Not a good work. No Borders, only grey Points.
    Not a good Overview.

    1. Try this zoom h

    2. JoachimK, This mod allows you to view maps that do not fit the screen in large map combinations. In large map combinations, country borders are changing. For example, when you add Russian Open Space, the map will not be where it should be. This mod is not to provide visual aesthetics. If you are looking for visual aesthetics, you can review SlavikSD’s recommended mod.

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