ProMods: Port Valencia

This mod will restore the port in Valencia.
Works with ProMods 2.41.
Added 4 ferry connection from Valencia to:
– Visby
– Palermo
– Bergen
– Plymouth

Put this mod above ProMods files.

ProMods Team, SlavikSD


5 thoughts on “ProMods: Port Valencia

  1. Stabon-Strapon

    They say lately there are few modifications for the latest versions of the game, and Andrei Bukin (Cruise) and SlavikSD (Slava Zimin) will soon have nothing to steal.You have to invent and make your own ferries). Is not it ShalavikSD?.

    1. SlavikSD

      Don’t envy me 🙂

  2. well, i did a search on google maps and couldn’t find these ferries because the ones that exist go to nearby islands only. To give more immersion in the game and honor the name “Simulator” I think it is necessary that the routes | ports are real, and yet only a few, not all of them.
    Useful example would be links from Porto Torres to Barcelona and Marseille; Bastia for Genoa and Livorno; Trapani to Cagliari; and mainly Ancona to Zadar and Bari to Dubrovinik; Salermo to Asdobe (yes, they would need the cities)

    Despite being “Euro Truck Simulator”, I still miss a map that offers North Africa as TSM had, although the boarding and unloading is not real because the game turns and maneuvers the truck to get out of the way and I think that embarrassing and boring.
    just my opinion. ty

    1. Truck-Driver

      You must not overstress the already overstressed souls.
      Apart from that you are right.
      In the view of so called ‘development’ you see the ongoing foolishness.
      So try to not overstress the robotic-like-acted-shells.
      They even cannot follow your so simple spelled wishes……
      It’s just a fatal error in almost any human’s thinking – to see likewise in their minds.
      So – don’t ask too much, Instead try go your own way.
      By upcoming questions (They will arise soon) you will see yourself being alone, even in the so cool ‘real world’.
      Hints you ask?
      Missing some things, you ask?
      Yeah you’re right, but no any single ###### ear is open to hear you.
      They are anywhere else but not in the NOW.
      Writing a lot, telling nearly nothing, compareable with politicians, who likewise tell a lot but do nothing.
      They just put their ‘mods’ online, to not give the whole information which is needed.
      Too silly they are?
      Too lazy they are?
      So in summary, you may write a lot of even precious ideas, but no one will hear you.
      You ask about TSM? No any answer you will get likewise.
      I could ask you:
      Over the time you probably have got it, that several ######, lazy souls, likewise the totally contrary grounded ‘mod-developers’ ae just not more than thieves of another one’s work?
      You really call for solutions?
      Which – by the way could be so simple, so easy – but it appears that in nowadays world there is no longer a place for truth and honesty.

      I need to stop here, knowing your realisation.

  3. Ohhh beautiful, another mod for the Ship Simulator..

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