PW Engines by Jimmy the Bus (Modified by random water botle)

!!!THIS MOD ONLY SUPPORTS ETS 2 1.38.XX or higher!!!

This package contains:

730 HP Engine
10,000 HP Engine
35,000 HP Engine
250,000 HP Engine
350,000 HP Engine
5,000,000 HP Engine
99,999,999,999 HP Engine

9 Speed Gear Boxes
13 Speed Gear Box
3 Speed Gear Box
8 Speed Gear Box
32 Speed Gear Box
64 Speed Gear Box
69 Speed Gear Box

In the future, I might add:
128 Speed Gear Box
256 Speed Gear Box

Disclaimer: I do not own this mod, this mod is owned by Jimmy the Bus (see the credits section), I only modified it because I am bored.

to Jimmy the Bus


3 thoughts on “PW Engines by Jimmy the Bus (Modified by random water botle)

  1. They’re fast but expect to crash too easily, since there’s no stability.

  2. Unfornatilonaly no sound when you add the engine 🙁
    Thanks for the MOD

  3. there is no engine sound

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