PWT Thermo Trailer Skin

Pwt Thermo Skin For Trailer.
Tested on v1.26,1.27.xx
Enjoy !



16 thoughts on “PWT Thermo Trailer Skin

  1. Are you the original author of the trailer? NO
    And why did not you add the original credits (TZ express -MDModding)

  2. Dragan007

    OK I made a skin for the trailer did not say that my trailer all the other people is important to use skin and now when he made the trailer and who cares that your comment makes no sense ……

    1. I think you’ve loaded the trailer, not just the skin
      And I add that it is incorrect to block free trailers.
      Does my point make sense now?

  3. alexandar_lone_wolf

    Trailer is in the ets2 studio that mean that he does not have to give some special credits zoso

    1. Friend, I did not understand what you mean.
      I did not ask to add my name to the credits
      What did I do wrong? If you can give me an explanation of this comment thank you

  4. Dragan007

    Zoso dont comment my mods….. Thanks.

    1. I live in a nation free of censorship
      So I do what I like and like.
      When you understand something, it will always be late.
      I want to ask you a simple question if I use your skin on my trailer
      Would you bother?
      I can unlock any type of password or lock, and reload unlocked

  5. alexandar_lone_wolf

    zoso my friend, you have not done anything wrong. but also, he did not either. he wrote that he was the author of skin no of the trailer.
    everyone knows who is the author of the trailer, so it is no longer necessary to write credit standing on the trailer

    1. Ok I just accept your thoughts, but I disagree (you know the rules very well) and I have defended your work many times,
      But my side will not change our friendship, because I do not forget anything, I needed some information and you were very kind to help me.
      I greet you my friend e Grazie

      1. alexandar_lone_wolf

        Zoso my friend i didnt wanth be rough sorry if i am . i cnow this boy personaly and i will talk with him . I stoped to work skin on your trailer only because my version of trailer is outdated. I still use it but only for my personal gameing

        1. Ciao Alexandar_lone_wolf, Do not worry, and do not talk to anyone about me the discussion is closed.
          CiaoZ and Good Day

  6. skin little bit to low?? need to be little higher?

    1. Dragan007

      Guy my skin maded in high performance dont play ets2 delete this game and go play tetris…

  7. Dragan007

    Zoso thanks for closing your discussion i now deleted your ets2 studio and dont use again.

    1. I’ve closed it, but do not be funny with me.
      Still continuing to show that I do not understand anything ETS2studio I did not create it.
      If you’ve eliminated the software you will demonstrate your next job, created manually !!!! And I will compliment you
      good night?

  8. Dragan007


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