Quantas Skin for Scania Streamline Topline

A Skin of the Australian Airline for the Scania Streamline Topline

Author: Sgt.Schiffer


5 thoughts on “Quantas Skin for Scania Streamline Topline

  1. can u upload a Emirates Airline Skin and tralier Updated

    1. Sgt.Schiffer

      I already uploaded a Emirates Skin, or do you want me to update it? Or shall I do a Emirates Skin for another truck (Mercedes Acrtros for example)

  2. Its not quantas ya bitc

  3. Make one Pack and give a little more correct Work on it.
    Every Truck is the same, without the Name and some Logos.

    @##### you right… 😉

    1. Sgt.Schiffer

      I don´t know why, but there´s an issue, and because of this, only one of my Skins can be activated at one time or they will paint over each other (I really want to find this issue, but I didn´t find it yet), so it´s not good if they all are in one pack. I also know that all Skins are built up with one Basic idea, but what shall I do more? I try to use the correct colours and as much different logos as I can, so what is your propose to do more? And I´m really sorry for the “U” in the name, it was 2:30 A.M. when I wrote this, but @##### thats not a reason to be offensive and to call me a bi***

      If you don´t like my Skins, you dont have to note them and to download them, maybe other People like them.

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