R3D Ultimate 2014 Alpha-1.0


The latest entry in the saccoltuk mod célegyenesének. This did not work out and a lot of little tiny factors delayed the work. Leisure time and deficit, shortage of computer failure, the newer diffs will also bekavartak, sometimes less, sometimes a lot. But I managed to fix all the little things, and since the beginning of July has been successfully incorporated into the accessory. The lights and set the time of day is still going on. This is the last phase. By the end of August is completed and will be published on the R3D permanently.

But all he hibánkért the lights to a test version, we’ll be without Alpha-ness.

This mode is also working 1.11.1s



12 thoughts on “R3D Ultimate 2014 Alpha-1.0

  1. I don`t understand a #### from what you wrote !
    the tekst file is a mix from english and outer space.

    1. Next time we will share a better topic

  2. I’m not good in English and I have to translate everything translator in Google but also the one with the a lot of big problems to translate what you wrote … Could you please write something humanly what this mode actually do?? thank you

  3. I’m Turks with google translation to translate it for you I

  4. WillM leírnád lécci magyarul a szöveget, mert én sem tudok angolul 🙂

    1. RickDeckard

      Lejebb van egy bejegyzésem, ott láthatod a linket az eredeti bejegyzéshez magyarul 😉

  5. MAKES LAG ?

  6. RickDeckard

    I’m pretty sure it’s translated from Hungarian using google translate which is not a good idea as you can say.

    Here is a human translation (=mine) from the original Hungarian text publishod on the blog of the Enviroment Simulating Studio (http://envsimstudio.blogspot.hu/)

    “We anticipated the previous post to be the finish line for this mod. Unfortunately we couldn’t make it due to several minor issues hindering our progress. Lack of free time, computers, malfunctions, new patches made it more time consuming. But we could correct all the issues we have successfully rebuilt the mod since the beginning of July. The final adjustment of the lights and day night cycles are still in process, which is the last phase. The R3D will be complete and published by the end of August.

    As a compensation for all our mistakes and delays, we publish an Alpha version without the final light settings for testing purposes.”

    So this is it. I hope it helps 😉

  7. truckinrebble

    Thanks Rick…..

  8. thanks for the translation

  9. Looks good for Alpha, keept it up!

  10. tested , very good! i love this mod

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