Race Mod Extension


This Mod adds Race transmissions for Iveco Hiway, MAN TGX, Mercedes, Scania R and Streamline, Volvo FH 2012, Volvo FH 2009 Trucks
With this speacial transmissions and an strong engine you can drive over 200Km/h (124 Mph)
In addition this mod reduces the AI traffic

Author: milcat


6 thoughts on “Race Mod Extension

  1. Sorry, but what’s the point?
    It’s not a racing game…

  2. True, go play Grid or NFS, if you want speed.
    This is a game with trucks.

  3. Tribaltech

    another nonsense

  4. no point…let the kiddies play

  5. MORON nr 2 ###### ####

  6. When you get into the REAL world, get a life mate

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